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How Can I Best Work With External Auditors?

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Working with External Audit Organizations

If you are contacted by an external auditor, ask and obtain answers to the following questions: 

  1. What audit organization do you represent?
  2. What type of audit is this?
  3. Has this audit been properly coordinated through Stanford's Internal Audit Services? 

If your department has identified an individual as an audit contact point, that person should be advised. It is also appropriate to contact your supervisor or manager.

Refer auditors who are unable to provide a clear description of their affiliation and the purpose of their audit to Stanford's Internal Audit Services. In addition, all auditors working at Stanford should also be able to assure you of prior review and coordination with Stanford's Internal Audit Services. No further departmental involvement is needed until that coordination takes place.

For guidance on Stanford University's procedures for supplying information and documents to government and other external auditors or inspectors, please reference the June 1, 2010 External Protocol Memorandum.