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Staff List

Nelson AkinrinadePrivacyUniversity Chief Privacy Officer
Travis BargemanInternal AuditAssociate Director, Stanford Medicine Audit
Allison BarnumEthics and ComplianceDirector, Ethics and Compliance
Ryan BruynellInternal AuditAudit Manager, University Audit
Billy CaoInternal AuditAudit Manager, University Audit
Rocco CappallaInternal AuditSenior Auditor, Stanford Medicine Audit
Ranjita ChakravartyInternal AuditDirector, Information Technology (IT) Audit
Ash ChaudhryRisk Management and InsuranceResearch Consultant
Chester ChuInternal AuditSenior Director, Stanford Medicine Audit
Laura CisiRisk Management and InsuranceExecutive Director, Risk Management and Insurance
Sarah DanielGlobal Risk ManagementProgram Manager, Global Programs
Biniam DebrezionInternal AuditSenior Audit Manager, Information Technology (IT) Audit
Hilary DouglasGlobal Risk ManagementProgram Manager, Global Community Engagement
Tony DuongEthics and ComplianceProgram Manager
Doris FungPrivacySenior Privacy Officer
Elena GheorgheRisk StrategiesSenior Manager, Risk Strategies and Strategic Audits
Kimberly Ginn-Brown

Ethics and Compliance

Risk Strategies

Acting Chief Compliance Officer and

Executive Director, Risk Strategies 

Henry GusmanInternal AuditChief Audit Executive
Diana HavenRisk Management and InsuranceDirector, Liability and Workers' Compensation
Irina HerbertRisk Management and InsuranceSpecialist, Risk Management
Rose HuangInternal AuditAudit Manager, Information Technology (IT) Audit
Mark LeeInternal AuditAuditor, Stanford Medicine Audit
Apple Ping LiRisk Management and InsuranceProperty Insurance Program Manager, Risk Management 
Jason MadsonInternal AuditSenior Auditor, University Audit
Amanda MarquezRisk Management and InsuranceWorkers' Compensation Specialist
Steffie MarthasariInternal AuditAudit Manager, University Audit
Rachel MyintInternal AuditSenior Auditor, University Audit
Luisa PaugaInternal AuditSenior Auditor, SLAC Audit
Jasmine Prasad TylerInternal AuditSenior Auditor, Stanford Medicine Audit
Donna QuonInternal AuditAssociate Senior Manager, Stanford Medicine Audit 
Magdalena RamirezPrivacyCompliance Risk Analyst
Chris RhimInternal AuditSenior Auditor, Stanford Medicine Audit
Raina Rose Tagle OCROSenior Associate Vice President and Chief Risk Officer
Chloe SeeInternal AuditSenior Auditor, Stanford Medicine Audit
Peter Y. SpohnEthics and ComplianceDirector, Investigations
Amy SteagallInformation Security OfficeChief Information Security Officer
Brynn TomlinsonRisk StrategiesSenior Manager, Risk Strategies
Jay Tria TironaInternal AuditDirector, SLAC Audit
Nicole Vargas GuevaraRisk Management and InsuranceSenior Manager, Workers' Compensation
Danielle VazquezExecutive Program SupportExecutive Assistant
Michael VeasyGlobal Risk ManagementDirector, Global Risk 
Mario ViolaPrivacySenior Privacy Officer, Consultant
Jun WangInternal AuditAudit Manager, SLAC Audit
Mary Catherine WattenExecutive Program SupportExecutive Program Manager
Gary WongEnterprise Risk ManagementAssistant Director, Enterprise Risk Management
Cindy YuInternal AuditDirector, University Audit
Bianca ZelnikRisk Management and InsuranceInsurance Risk Specialist