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Program Overview

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Ethics and Compliance Program Overview

Ethics and Compliance Program

The role of the Ethics and Compliance Program is to:

  • ­Coordinate the University’s ethics and compliance activities, including chairing the Compliance, Ethics and ERM Steering Committee and coordinating the activities of the Compliance Officers’ Network (now known as the Compliance and Risk Administrators Network)
  • ­Assess the adequacy of compliance activities, evaluate overall program effectiveness and recommend and implement modifications to the program as necessary
  • ­Administer an Ethics and Compliance Helpline and oversee and coordinate investigations of potential misconduct
  • ­Provide compliance advisory services to faculty and staff
  • ­Assist in the development of ethics and compliance related policies or practices
  • ­Assist in the development and delivery of ethics and compliance related training
  • ­Evaluate emerging ethics and compliance trends in higher education and government and implement best practices
  • ­Report results of ethics and compliance program activities to senior management and the Audit, Compliance and Risk Committee of the Board. 

Compliance, Ethics and ERM Steering Committee 

The mission of the Compliance, Ethics and ERM Steering Committee is to support and assist in raising awareness of ethics and compliance and help in the assessment and management of enterprise risk within the Stanford Community. It is committed to ensuring that all functions are carried out in accordance with laws, regulations and policies.

Stanford's Compliance Initiative Background